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Unofficial Court Report: K&Q Archery Champions/SRWC

Nature conspired to bring to the population of the East Kingdom a day that would truly begin to prepare
them for the Pennsic War on the very first day of June, Anno Societatis 48, called in the Common
Era, 2013, in the Barony of Carillion.On this day The King and Queen called forth Their Archers to
compete for Championship as well as Their fencers and heavy weapons fighters to practice their skills in
preparation for the war to come. As the day wore on, and the archers were still in competition for the
coveted positions as King’s and Queen’s Champions, Their Majesties decided to open Their Court while
watching the later rounds of the competition.

First they welcomed Baron Dorigen of Lewes, Their own Baron from the Barony Beyond the Mountain,
into Their court. Baron Dorigen mentioned to Their Majesties that he stood now before Them for
himself, Their Baroness and the Barony in a desire to swear fealty to Them. Their Majesties gladly
accepted his fealty and made promises of Their own to Their people Beyond the Mountain.

After a temporary suspension of Their Court, seeing that he was not presently involved in shooting a
round in the Archery competition, Their Majesties bid Their herald call forth Þórlæifr hvítskegg. The
King and Queen spoke fondly of all the fine things this man accomplished and then They called Their
Companions of the Maunche to come join Þórlæifr before Them. They had agreed, he would join
their ranks this day, and with a medallion, beautifully written words and a scroll created by Nest verch
Tangwistel this was well accomplished.

Their Majesties then temporarily suspended Their Court once again to witness more of the archery
competition, and when targets where being reset, reopened Their court with the calling forth of two
young women. The names of Molle Baker and Charitye Dale where cried, and the two came forward
together. Never having been before The King and Queen of The East, it was clear their unease, but
with a gentle tone Their Majesties spoke about all the good words that had come to Them about these
two and then shared with them Their decision to make both Ladies of Their court. First a scroll worded
by Alys Mackyntoich and drawn and lettered by Wulfgar Silverbraid was read for Molle, and then a
scroll also worded by Alys Mackyntoich and drawn and lettered by Jan Janowicz Bogdanski was read for
Charitye. The two newly appointed Ladies where then introduced and sent forth to find their ease.

Again the King and Queen suspended Their Court to watch the archers progress through challenging
shoots, and when a pause was once again reached, They called for Owyn Greenwood to present himself.
Their Majesties spoke highly of this Lord’s rapier skills, as well as his service as rapier marshal and
deputy to the East Kingdom Seneschal. Then the call went up for Their Order of the Golden Rapier to
present themselves, and while the scroll had not arrived on site that day, the words that where written
for it by Alys Mackyntoich were read and a hereditary medallion was placed around his neck, and Owyn
became the newest member of the Order.

Yet again court was suspended, for Their Majesties where eager to witness the archery, and yet again
when a pause in the shooting was reached, Their court was reconvened. This time it was Çinara Ardan
who was called, and she appeared, escorted by her Husband, Sir Oscad de Segovia. Their Majesties
bade Their Knight to stay beside his wife before Them, and queried him about why he had not brought
the fact that this fine woman was not yet a Lady of Their Court to Their attention sooner. Both Çinara’s
myrth and Oscad’s discomfort where clear throughout this exchange, and then with fine words about
her skill as a dancer and other great qualities, Their Majesties corrected this error allowed to be for
far too long, and awarded her arms with the gifting of a scroll, who’s words had been composed by
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, who’s calligraphy had been penned by Kayleigh McWhyte and
who’s illumination had been done by Magnus Kowarsky of Ealdormere.

And now again Their Majesties court was suspended for a short while, this time for the semifinal and
final rounds of the archery tournament. All watched as Krakken Gnashbone and Rupert the Unbalanced
shot their round, and saw that Krakken Gnashbone would be the man to advance from the pair. Then
Mark Squirrelsbane and Orvar shot their round, and all witnessed that of these two, Orvar would
advance. At long last the final round was shot, and at the end of a very long, brightly sunned day,
Krakken Gnashbone emerged victorious.

As these fine archers gathered their arrows, and caught their breath, Their Majesties reopened Their
court – for they had two more pieces of business before naming the new champions. First to hear their
name was Erec le Clair. As he knelt before her, Her Majesty praised the many and varied things this
man did. He was Barron of Their own Settmolur Swamp, he created beautiful gardens and backdrops
for events and Coronations. There were, She said, a group of people who had even more good things
to say of him, and She would see them join him here. With that, the Companions of the Order of the
Maunche where once again called forward, for Þórlæifr would not be the newest member come the
end of this day. With Their Majesties’ will, a medallion carved for him in wood and gilded and painted,
words created by Galefridus Peregrinus, penned by Aleksei Dmitriev and an illumination that included
Erec’s own likeness done by Eleanore MacCarthaigh this new Companion was made.

Then the Lady Melisande of the Gryphon Wood, known to many simply as Plunder, was called forward.
Her organizational skills and hard work on many fronts were highly praised, and with the Order of the
Silver Crescent called forth to join Them, Their Majesties made her a Companion of this fine group as
well. The scroll They gave to her was created by Ekaterina Volkova and contained a splendid image of
the Gryphon from which this woman’s name was taken.

And then at last the time had come – and His Majesty called forward Nathaniel Wyatt to thank him for
his time and work as King’s Archery Champion. He spoke of releasing him so that he might concentrate
on his job as Champion of Fence alone, instead of trying to do both as he had so recently been. Then
Orvar was called forward to receive the title and tabard that he had so richly earned this day. A tale
was shared of a stone that should be regalia for this office as well, and of some recently deceased King
having a hand in the burying of this stone – but as will happen with great relics on occasion, the stone
had been retrieved by a small company of fine men and now in fact resided in a box of great beauty,
beside a smaller token stone which was far easier for the new Champion to carry with him into court.
The scroll commemorating this great accomplishment, created by Aleksei Dmitriev was presented to
Orvar as well.

Now Her Majesty called for Phillip Reed the Facetious, and thanked him for his time and work as
Queen’s Archery Champion. She spoke of his many skills – including that of a clearly heard voice, and
she bade him practice in case he should someday find work as Her herald, and in fact, had him call
forward Krakken Gnashbone to take his place as Her Champion. Krakken accepted the tabard and chain
and with the presentation of the second champion scroll created for this day by Aleksei Dmitriev, the
objective of this tournament had been fully met. Krakken then asked that he might be allowed to swear
fealty as well, which Their Majesties gladly accepted.

His Majesty then thanked all the archers who had participated in such a fantastic tournament, and
turned to thank the Baroness Carillion, called Mika, as well for a wonderful day.

There being no further business, Their Majesties closed Their Court and retired to feast.

These are the events as I witnessed them this day.

Joyously in service to Crown and College,
Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah
Vox Regis
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