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Unofficial Court Report - Spring Crown Tournament

On a day dawned clear and bright in the Crown Province of Østgarðr, Their Majesties Gregor and Kiena held a grand tournament to secure heirs to Their throne. On this date numbered the 27th of April in the year we mark Anno Societatis 47 called 2013 in the Common Era, the populous gathered to witness the battle between many of the finest fighters the East Kingdom had to offer. Four lists began the day, and then reduced to two and then at last to one and all gathered close to witness the very final bouts of the day. These clashes at long last would belong to Sir Thomas of Ravenhill, fighting for Áine an Neamheaglach, and Earl Kenric aet Essex, fighting for Countess Avelina Keyes. At first it seemed that Earl Kenric would quickly win this day, and then Sir Thomas dug deep and proved himself the winner of the next two bouts. The field once again level between them, the final bout of this day was fought. Both men fought fiercely, their consorts poised upon the edge of the field, until at last, Earl Kenric emerged the victor.

Their Majesties, Countess Avelina and Ryan Brigantia took to the field and with words from King Gregor about Their Majesty’s joy at the outcome of the day, the coronet that would mark Kenric Prince was lain upon His head. It was then that Prince Kenric turned to his wife and inspiration, Avelina, and with words remarking on the brief time they had been married, He placed the Princess’s coronet upon Her head. Turning to Sir Thomas, Gregor then spoke of the bittersweet honor as he named Thomas Admiral of the Armies of our Great Eastern Lands.

A short while later, as a more formal Royal Court began, Their Majesties called Their Viceroyals to join them in court, and thanked them for the work that their populous had put into providing such a wonderful tournament day. Then They called forth the new Prince and Princess of The East. Remarking upon how unseemly it was that Their Heirs should be without land, and that as it was in accordance with established law and custom, They chose to invested them as the Prince and Princess of Their Crown Principality of Tir Mara. Calling forth representatives from Tir Mara, led by Mistress Gwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys, the Seneschal of those lands the investiture began. With rod, rings and mantels it was done, and lastly Their Highnesses where gifted with Paternosters of beads and a single northern star. The daughter of Our new Prince and Princess was not to be forgotten, Aethelthryth Kenricing was bestowed the title of Lady of the Nothern Shores for the time her parents held the Principality and a pin was placed upon her person my Her Majesty Kiena.

As Their Highnesses took to Their thrones, Their Majesties invited their Viceroy and Vicereine to hold their court, temporarily suspending Their own court for the purpose. Once Crown Province business had been concluded, Their Majesties resumed Their court.

Her Majesty called forward the Ladies of the Rose, each to speak of someone who had gained their attention that day and bestow upon him a rose and her own token. First spoke Duchess Katherine Stanhope about Thormunder and Tyco who had brought box lunches from dayboard for the fighters, Ilianna who had carried water to fighters for much of the day, Lady Sabina Luttrell who had worked hard all day as Mistress of the list and Master Ryan McWhyte who had run the crying of the lists all day. Next of the Ladies to speak was Countess Elspeth Keyfe of Neddingham, and she chose to speak of the Chivalric behavior she had witnessed from Sir Marcus Blackheart. Third to speak of the Ladies of the Rose was Duchess Isabella of York. She thanked both Their Majesties and all the fighters who had participated that day for a wonderful tournament, and then she singled out Lord Ionness Aurelius Serpentius to bestow her favor for the chivalry and courtesy she beheld from him on the field that day. Next to speak was Countess Alethea Eastriding who chose to single out The Honorable Lord Tiberiv Ivlivs Rvfvs for how inspirational she found him that day. Fifth of these fine ladies to speak was our new Princess Avelina. She spoke of a man she had admired for quite some time and bestowed her favor upon Honourable Lord Ávaldr Valbjarnarson. Lastly The Queen Herself spoke, preparing to bestow the honor of the Shield of Chivalry from Her own hand. First she asked His Majesty to speak of the history of the Shield of Chivalry. He spoke of the gift this shield was from the people of Atenveldt to the people of the East, and then His Majesty shared the knowledge that the Kingdom of Atenveldt would honor this long friendship by fighting alongside the East at Pennsic this year, and encouraged His own people not to ever forget their history. Her Majesty Kiena then expressed how clear the joy was to witness in the fighter she would honor this day, Baron Matthew Moraveous Avdenmork. Her final remarks where about how right and proper it was that he was the squire of our own Prince, the previous holder of the Shield of Chivalry.

Then Their Majesties bade the messengers from Trimaris enter Their court. Baron Corwyn Moray and Honorable Lord Johan Craft brought forth a written letter from Their Majesties Trimaris to be seen by Their Majesties East alone. They spoke thanks for the great day they had witnessed, and pledged Trimaris’s support and affirmed that they would stand beside the East at Pennsic, to aid in knocking the enemy down. Their Majesties bestowed upon them tokens of silver in appreciation for their messages and promised them safe passage throughout Their lands.

Tristan Olachlacha was then called before Their Majesties. His Majesty noted how fond He was of 20 year commemorations, and they discussed that this young man had served this Kingdom for 20 of his 23 years, and he was Awarded Arms and promised that a scroll would be forthcoming.

The presence of Ettore Dandolo was then called for, and the efforts of this fine citizen of Østgarðr where discussed, and again Arms where awarded with the presentation of a scroll by Edward MacGyver dos Scorpos.

Summoned next was Geoffrey de Tosni and Her Majesty remarked of the head to toe accuracy in his 11th Century Norman gear and then She mentioned Their Majesties fondness for beer, which Geoffrey acknowledged he dabbles in brewing. For this and more Their Majesties Awarded Arms as well, and presented a scroll by Saerlaith ingen Chennetig.

His Majesty then called for Countess Elspeth to come forward again. He wanted details spoken of the diplomatic mission that she and her husband had so recently been on. She spoke of their travels to AEthelmearc a mere 7 days previous to attend the Coronation of Their Sylvan Majesties. There they had been held hostage, but Countess Elspeth and Master Steffan ap Cenydd where careful to be the best behaved of hostages, and in the process secured the promise from the newly crowned Royals to stand beside the East at Pennsic. His Majesty thanked her for her service and then announced that Atlantia and Ealdormere had declared that they would stand with the East this year at Pennsic War as well.

Next Magdelena Carminante was called before Their Majesties. They noted that she was the chatelaine of Northpass, and had been learning music and embroidery as well as making herself helpful at many events and demos. The Award of Arms was bestowed on her as well this day, with a scroll done by Wulfgar Silverbraid and Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah.

Their Majesties then brought forth Master Feral, who asked of Them how far he should extend Their Kingdom, and His Majesty discussed with him the fact that the War College was in need of leadership now that Duke Lucan was busy hurting people in other ways, and requested that Master Feral take on the position of Dean of our War College. Master Feral accepted and then swore fealty as Their Warlord as well.

Her Majesty last called upon Countess Alethea to come forward again. She began by discussing Their acceptance of her service as Their Court Herald at Panteria, and then mentioned how very busy Alethea always was, having been Queen, assisting with running Royal Courts, having run that day’s Rose Tourney as well as being the deputy to the East Kingdom Chronicler. Her Majesty Kiena then mentioned that there were many members of a particular order who quite simply would not stop talking about all Countess Alethea did, and so They were presenting her with a writ composed by Alys Mackyntoich and lettered by Catarina Giaocchini that would require her answer regarding becoming a member of the Order of the Pelican at Northern Region War Camp.

These are the events as I witnessed them.
Joyously in service to Crown and College,
Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah
Vox Regis
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