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Unofficial Court Report: Panteria

The Countess Alethea Eastriding attended to the heraldic needs of Their Majesties at Panteria on the 25th of May in the common era 2013. As she has submitted her report of the events there to me, I can report them now to the people of the known world.This event was intended to include the great competition for King’s and Queen’s Equestrian Champions, but weather, ever fickle, did not cooperate. With the good health and wellbeing of both the people and the horses who intended to participate firmly in Their minds, Their Majesties chose to postpone this challenge until Their Northern Region War Camp.

Royal Court did not mind so much the weather, held nestled indoors, and so that I can report to you. I have been told that there was a presentation made by the people of Panther vale, and that Harold von Auerbach swore his fealty there as well. And as well there where awards made from Their Majesties unto some gentles present despite the weather’s state.

First called before The Royal Presence was Pedro de Toledo. With scroll created for him by Harold von Auerbach and kindly words he was made a Lord of Their Court.

Next to hear their name was Weehafoc of Panther Vale, who came before Their Majesties to receive an Award of Arms, again with scroll and goodly words. The scroll this time created by Katherine Stanhope for this gentle alone.

Odelina of St. Albans would be called for next. While the scroll intended for this gentle had not made the journey, likely due to the same changeable weather mentioned previously in this telling, this did not hinder Their Majesties in making her a Lady of Their Court and promising the scroll would quickly find her.

Last of the gentles to be Awarded Arms this day was Genoa Scherbatskaja. With her present before them Their Majesties made it so, gifting words and illumination, all penned by Heather Rose de Gordoun to the newest Lady of Their Court.

Next Alethea called forth Moira Fennor of Argyll, whom is often known as Mira. There in the hall that very day, she was made a companion of Their Majesties Order of the Silver Crescent. With many of those made previously in attendance, a lovely scroll with well done words created by Aneleda Falconbridge, written and illuminated by Carolyne de la Pointe was given unto her.

One last piece of business remained. Mira would not leave today the newest member of this order. For Their Majesties saw fit to add Cedric of Thanet to these companions as well. The scroll for this gentle was made beautiful by the hand of Camille des Jardins, with words created by Jean de Montagne.

This is as the day has been reported unto me, and so I send it forth.

Joyously in service to Crown and College,

Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah
Vox Regis
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